Books I’m Reading: Agenda 21 and The Harbinger

Books I’m Reading: Agenda 21 and The Harbinger


Just started reading the autographed copy of Glenn Beck’s Agenda 21 that I received as a Christmas present. Although I am only about six chapters in, this nightmare vision of a statist controlled future is a compelling, hard-to-put-down and disturbing read. Reflecting the urgency, hopelessness and peril of their situation, the main characters speak in short, clipped sentences, revealing just enough to help the reader understand how they and their former countrymen went from being free citizens of a thriving country to slaves of an all-powerful Authority known as the Republic.

Told through the eyes of an 18 year-old girl who is living with her mother at a compound when the story begins, Agenda 21 chronicles their daily struggle for survival, complete with water and food rationing and the mandate to walk a prescribed amount of hours daily on an “energy board” — or else face the wrath of the soulless collectivists who basically control every aspect of their lives.

A former history teacher and farm owner who remembers what it’s like to be free and resents her current nightmarish circumstances, the mother does her best to shield her daughter from the more chilling facts of life under this new regime. But as the story unfolds, her heart-breaking attempt to protect her child from the state is also shown to be futile. One of the “lucky” ones, she’d been “allowed” to raise her daughter, who’d just turned four — the magic number — when the statists had created a new law forcing all parents to hand their children under four years of age over to the government. From that point forward, in keeping with the mandate that all subjects on the compound “produce and reproduce”, all babies born were to be confiscated by the state immediately after birth for the purpose of proper indoctrination and subservience.

At this point in the story, the mother has been brutally taken from her now teenaged daughter who herself has to cope with the devastation of having her own baby cruelly taken away from her post-labor, sight unseen. Although the daughter, through her mother, has been afforded glimpses of what life used to be like before the state took over, it’s nearly incomprehensible to her, having been a very young child when she and her parents lost their farm and their freedom and arrived at the compound.

Even scarier than their current plight is the mother’s explanation for how they’d come to live under such oppression: while she doesn’t actually use the term “low-information voters”, the inference is there that the underlying cause of their plight is at least partially the result of formerly free people voting “stupidly”.

I’ll write a full review after I finish the entire book but so far Agenda 21 is a must-read. I just hope its appeal extends beyond the conservative “choir” as intended by Beck and his co-author Harriet Parke.

Prior to receiving Agenda 21, I’d started reading The Harbinger, a book highly recommended by some friends on Facebook. Written by Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, this compelling read reveals an ancient mystery that holds the key to America’s future via one man’s continued interaction with an elusive and esoteric teacher. Every American ought to read and learn about:

THE STONE OF JUDGEMENT that was placed on Ground Zero by American leaders and the ancient drama they re-enacted.

THE ANCIENT MYSTERY THAT AFFECTED your savings, your bank account, your financial future, and the American and global economy

THE SIGN OF THE SYCAMORE and the prophetic revelation it contains concerning Wall Street and the future of America as a superpower

THE MYSTERY OF THE EREZ TREE that was lowered at the corner of Ground Zero in fulfillment of a Biblical prophecy

THE DAY A VICE-PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE UTTERED the ancient proclamation of judgment… on America

THE MYSTERY HIDDEN AT THE GROUND OF AMERICA’S FOUNDING & the prophetic message it contains for this hour

HOW THE TWO GREATEST COLLAPSES IN FINANCIAL HISTORY each took place on the exact same day and hour, on the precise year and day ordained from ancient times

The Prophecy That Was Proclaimed To The World Spoken From Capitol Hill the day after 9/11 – and then came to fulfillment


You can’t afford not to know it

Great books to share with the uniformed voters in your life.


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