Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal (Novel)

WaterSignsPublished in September, 2008 Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal is a loosely autobiographical tale of first love, second chances, spiritual renewal, personal growth and patriotism.

Available in Kindle, PDF and paperback, Daria’s debut novel has earned a five-star rating on Amazon and glowing reviews from satisfied readers.


Madeline Rose is a beautiful woman of 25-the daughter of a prominent Philadelphia neurosurgeon. Despite her family’s support, she battles formidable insecurities, thanks to a recent, bitter break-up and a turbulent adolescence. Unsure of her future, she struggles to live up to her potential and her highly educated pedigree.

Adjusting to civilian life after four years in the United States Navy, handsome, affable and ambitious Ken Lockheart has two major goals: to rise above his blue-collar, Shore town roots and to marry his true love. Though the epitome of the all-American male, he retains a basic humility borne of a relentless work ethic and an inner drive to succeed.

When a chance encounter in a Somers Point nightclub initiates an unexpected relationship, neither one of them is prepared for the ensuing odyssey of heartbreak, personal growth and spiritual development that leads them full-circle to a Divinely guided conclusion.

Read all of the reviews of Water Signs on Amazon.com but here are a few examples.

Author/metaphysician Lisa Tarves.

Author/metaphysician Lisa Tarves.

From Lisa Tarves

“I absolutely loved this beautiful story! There were so many twists and turns, ups and downs and life lessons learned. All the while Madeline and Ken lived with the knowledge that they had met the love of their lives. This story proves that we sometimes get the timing wrong, but true love is eternal and lasts forever and God wants us to love and be loved during our lifetime!”

Author Kia Heavey.

Author Kia Heavey.

From Kia Heavey

“I’ll start with a disclaimer: I am a friend of the author, who I first met as a guest on her excellent radio show, WriteStream. (Great show for aspiring authors, fyi). I am so glad to have met Daria because otherwise I would never have known this book existed. I am a huge fan of the protagonist, Madeline Rose. Like all of us, she has trials and tests throughout her life, sometimes heart breaking, sometimes just irritating, but kudos to the author for not overdoing it with the drama. (A refreshing lack of untimely deaths, violence, and so forth is one of the things I love about this book.) The result is a very believable and true-sounding tale. The best part of Water Signs is the way Maddy lives her life; with optimism, faith, class, and a wholesome, positive attitude. She has a lovely spirit. I wish there were more characters like her in contemporary literature. It’s inspirational to see a positive model of attitude and behavior when we have our own ups and downs.

“As a twenty-something, Maddy  meets Kenny unexpectedly and they are bonded immediately. Indeed, they turn into the annoying couple we all know who are too cutesy-in-love. I laughed when Maddy  herself says the same thing about her boyfriend’s touchy-feely  attentions. Obviously, they both have some maturing to do. The result is a sometimes-wrenching tale of love found, foolishly thrown away, painfully thwarted, sacrificed to pride, and finally, when both partners are truly ready, resolved. I admit that I was sometimes frustrated with the decisions people make in this book but when I sit back and think about it, I know plenty of real-life examples of the same sort of thing. The conclusion of the story is all the more satisfying because of the history this couple shares.

“I loved DiGiovanni’s descriptive style of writing. Since this story takes place over a period of nearly 20 years, times change and styles and attitudes change along with them. Through the detailed descriptions in the book, I could easily picture every scene. I also enjoyed the descriptions of the dramas that play out within all families, even those as apparently privileged as the Roses. Again, so relatable. I found the dialogue to be a little trite at times but mostly it worked. Overall, the story arc is strong, cohesive and relevant. I think I heard that the author is working on a sequel and I really hope so. The characters in Water Signs have become dear to me. I wish I knew them in real life but since I don’t, a sequel would be much appreciated.”


From  author Brooke Musterman

“Daria’s first book, Water Signs, is so much more than the compelling story that draws you into the plot, so that you actually feel real emotions for her characters. You feel as though you are right in the thick of it. You feel as though you are learning the author’s life lessons along with her. It is such an enjoyable read.”

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