Book Review – Renewing Your Mind: Perspectives of a Christian Hypnotist

Book Review – Renewing Your Mind: Perspectives of a Christian Hypnotist

Check out my book review – Renewing Your Mind: Perspectives of a Christian Hypnotist by Anthony M. Davis, now live on The author will be my guest on Your Book Your Brand Your Business on Monday, August 6 at 5 PM Eastern. Be sure to tune in for an informative interview:

In full disclosure, the author presented me with a review copy of his book, which I highly recommend for anyone seeking to learn the truth about hypnosis and its healing benefits. Anthony M. Davis takes a genuine, conversational approach to the topic, noting that before he understood hypnosis himself he, too, was a skeptic. He leads the reader on a journey of discovery in which he shatters the myths and shares the truth about this effective modality, backed up by real-life examples of clients who’ve experienced breakthroughs and transformed their lives. From his Christian perspective, the author explains how his practice of hypnosis aligns with Biblical principles and avoids all areas of concerns for those of the Christian faith. It’s especially heartening to learn that hypnosis can work for those suffering the consequences of early childhood trauma and all forms of abuse. As the author points out, God created us to live full, productive lives. He is certainly working diligently with the Creator to assist those who come to him for help to reclaim their emotional, mental and physical health, and I applaud him for his efforts and his patience in dealing with judgmental members of the church who simply will not see — even when he explains hypnosis in detail, with respect for their concerns. If you are open-minded and desire a solid understanding of the inner-workings of the mind and brain, and the many healing effects of hypnosis, read this book.

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