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Writestream Tuesday with Publishing Industry Professional Ally Machate

“Your book is your product, not your baby.” — Ally Machate

If you’re an aspiring or seasoned author who’s overwhelmed by the plethora of technology choices and the thought of creating an effective marketing campaign, I highly recommend listening to my July 12 Writestream Radio interview with Ally Machate, book editor and owner of The Writer’s Ally.

Ally is an industry professional who graciously shares her knowledge with me on the air once per quarter for the benefit of the audience. During the July 12 episode, we discussed  some specific aspects of book marketing including the importance of a compelling cover, the Amazon “Look Inside” feature, Goodreads book giveaways, and reviews.

As Ally notes at her website, here are a few of the questions we covered:

  • What’s the first thing listeners should know about marketing their book on platforms like Amazon and Goodreads?
  • What are some of the ways they can maximize their book listings and accounts?
  • How else can they beef up their presence on Amazon and Goodreads?
  • How important is it to get reviews on these sites?
  • How can authors get more, better reviews and what will that do for them?

Click below to listen.

Learn more about Ally at The Writer’s


The Science of Getting Rich: Excerpts from Chapter 16

In light of current events, specifically the Theater of the Absurd 2016 Election, this passage jumped out at me this morning as I conducted my daily ritual of gratitude and evidence journaling, studying, and envisioning (more on that in another post):

Many people will scoff at the idea that there is an exact science of getting rich; holding the impression that the supply of wealth is limited, they will insist that social and governmental institutions must be changed before even any considerable number of people can acquire a competence.

But this is not true.

It is true that existing governments keep the masses in poverty, but this is because the masses do not think and act in the Certain Way.

If the masses begin to move forward as suggested in this book, neither governments nor industrial systems can check them; all systems must be modified to accommodate the forward movement.

If the people have the Advancing Mind, have the faith that they can become rich, and move forward with the fixed purpose to become rich, nothing can possibly keep them in poverty.

Individuals may enter upon the Certain Way at any time, and under any government, and make themselves rich; and when any considerable number of individuals does so under any government, they will cause the system to become so modified as to open the way for others.

The more people who get rich on the competitive plane, the worse for others; the more people who get rich on the creative plane, the better for others.

The economic salvation of the masses can only be accomplished by getting a large number of people to practice the scientific method set down in this book, and become rich. These will show others the way and inspire them with a desire for real life, with the faith that it can be attained, and with the purpose to attain it.

For the present, however, it is enough to know that neither the government under which you live, nor the capitalistic or competitive system of industry can keep you from getting rich. When you enter upon the creative plane of thought, you will rise above these things and become a citizen of another kingdom.

If you are seeking to partner with those on the same mission in terms of manifesting a fulfilling life in every way – wealth, health, and relationships, visit The Science of Getting Rich Academy.


Just Believe with Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer

As I posted on Writestream, Ilene Gottlieb ~ The Heart Healer is now the new host of Just Believe, which broadcasts every Sunday at 7 PM Eastern:

Ilene Gottlieb ∼ The Heart Healer is Your Guide To Conscious Heart Connection.  From the moment she consciously awakened to her soul connection, it has been Ilene’s passion to guide and support others in remembering that we are all here in these bodies for one soul purpose – to learn how to be consciously connected to our Heart of Love through the human experience.  For when we are consciously connected to our Heart of Love in who we are being in our relationship with ourselves, it is from this place that our conscious choices are made and our actions follow.   Imagine how it would feel to be in our world with all of us remembering our Heart of Love and living consciously in this way.

A Registered Nurse with over 40 years of experience in different areas of nursing including pediatrics, maternal-child health, medical-surgical and hospice, Ilene deals with client’s issues in a loving and compassionate way that is very empowering.  Her intuitive abilities and holistic approach enhance her ability to assess the individual client’s needs and support their total healing process.  One of her most valuable gifts is an ability to help others by empowering them to identify their core issues, understand them and find their way to a place of inner peace, balance and healing.

Certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner, Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner, Ilene has since 1994 maintained a private practice in Vibrational Healing serving clients of all ages.  Where appropriate, she incorporates the use of aromatherapy as well as energy infused tools to facilitate healing.  She offers in addition to Healing Touch, Medical Intuitive Readings and Quantum Healing, the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing, both very empowering and therapeutic aromatherapy processes.

For individuals looking for the opportunity to access wisdom from the spiritual realms, as an accomplished, conscious channel, Ilene offers Akashic Records Readings.  These readings, which are also a healing session, empower the individual in gaining clarity on virtually any life issue thereby enhancing their personal, business and spiritual growth.  Questions from the client are answered with information that is in alignment with their soul’s purpose for being here.  From this place of clarity, the

client is then able to make powerful, conscious choices.  Ilene has been blessed to offer these readings nationally and internationally, in person and long distance, providing digital recordings of information that clients have benefitted from for years.

Ilene Gottlieb, The Heart Healer.

Ilene’s passion for teaching conscious heart connection is fully expressed through group Akashic Records Readings and the Heart of Love Wisdom Seekers Spiritual Community. For more information about this group please go to She also offers instruction for both the Raindrop Technique and Egyptian Emotional Clearing processes and facilitates the Feelings Circle, a gentle emotional clearing workshop utilizing guided imagery, several therapeutic grade essential oils and energy wellness tools to literally clear the energy patterns of toxic emotions and trauma.

As a dynamic and heart-centered speaker, Ilene is available to speak on a number of topics including but not limited to Healing Through the Heart Connection, Vibrational Healing, The Energetics of Self Care, Holistic Approaches to Health and Wellness, Stress Reduction, Meditation Techniques, The Energy of Emotions, Emotional Intelligence From An Energetic Perspective, Aromatherapy and The Power of Language.

For further information on Ilene’s unique approach to healing visit her website:

On a personal note, I met Ilene several months ago when I signed up with the Science of Getting Rich Academy, owned and managed by two fabulous women, Tasha Chen and Diane Shiels Bettencourt. Based on the book by Wallace D. Wattles, this ongoing spiritual and personal development curriculum has been an incredible blessing in my life. In another post, I’ll share more details about it, but through my involvement in the course, I became friends with Ilene, with whom I have gone through Levels I, II, and now III.

When Lisa Tarves decided to host a new kind of show in a different time slot (TBD), we simultaneously and immediately thought of Ilene as we brainstormed a replacement. Since Just Believe is our most popular show on Writestream Radio Network, we wanted a talented, competent, and reliable spiritual professional to take over. Fortunately, Ilene graciously accepted the invitation to host every Sunday (with me acting as her producer), and made her debut on Sunday, July 3. I’m having a blast playing “Roz” to Ilene’s “Frasier.”

For more information, click here.



Writestream Tuesday Welcomes Guest Host William V. Todd

On Tuesday, June 7, author and entrepreneur William V. Todd made his debut as the guest host of my show Writestream Tuesday. Having met him when I filled in for host Donna Lyons on Love Liberty & Lip Gloss, I knew he would bring a much welcome focus on self-development, success, and motivation to the network — along with a passion for mentoring:


Author and entrepreneur William V. Todd.

William Todd is a self-made entrepreneur with over twenty years of expertise in the Direct Selling and Personal Development Industries. William is a protégé of Bob Proctor, who was featured in the global phenomenon movie The Secret and is widely regarded as one of the pioneer masters and teachers of The Law of Attraction. William continues his mission of inspiring people to discover a new way of life through recognizing and sustaining the Five Key Areas of Health— Healthy Body, Mind, Family, Society, and Finances. After discovering that mentors could help him achieve his goals in less time than it would take to figure it all on his own, William created a 90-Day Coaching Program to help people of all age groups (young adults, corporate executives to seniors) gain a higher level of awareness and improve their results. William takes a unique and efficient approach to helping his mentees improve all areas of life. He helps them unlock their potential by eliminating old paradigms and habits. Similar to eating well and working out consistently, reaching our true potential requires repetition learning just as a gym membership requires the same self-discipline and repetitive workouts for optimal physical health. William has mentored entrepreneurs, corporate leaders and individuals from every walk of life in over twenty countries around the world.  He is the author of the soon to be released book titled The Mentor In Me.  The book contains lessons offered from Bob Proctor and highlights a story that is familiar to most people—being given incredible insight and guidance, but not always choosing to listen to it.   The Mentor In Me follows the roller-coaster ride of what happens when you accept counsel from a mentor and also the consequences for not.

William guest hosts Writestream Tuesday the first Tuesday of every month at 1 PM Eastern. Just a few weeks ago, he welcomed his mentor — world-renowned business consultant, entrepreneur, and life mentor Bob Proctor:

WT_TheMentorInMeBookCoverWilliam Todd is a protégé of Bob Proctor, who was featured in the wildly successful movie The Secret. Bob Proctor is widely regarded as one of the pioneer masters and teachers of The Law of Attraction. William’s book,The Mentor in Me, is based on the personal teaching of Bob Proctor working one-on-one with William.

He offers a 90-day coaching program, open to all. Thousands of people from all walks of life and all around the world have improved their lives after participating. For more information, visit The Mentor In

Bob Proctor is a bestselling author, business consultant, entrepreneur, life mentor, and expert on human mind and potential – a leader in the power of positive thinking and self motivation. In 1951, he started studying Think and Grow Rich and it transformed his life. In addition to studying the book, Bob listened to Earl Nightingale’s condensed recording of the book thousands of times. Then, he worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Earl Nightingale at Nightingale-Conant from 1968 to 1973, before leaving to start his own personal development company. Today, Bob has studied thousands of books, continues to read Think and Grow Rich every day, and is considered the world’s foremost expert on the human mind.

Bob Proctor:

  • Went from down and out to changing the world
  • Studied the mind, human potential and himself with some of the greatest minds the world has ever known
  • Worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant
  • Became a world renowned speaker, teacher and expert on the mind, human potential and success
  • Helps millions of people through the hit movie, The Secret



If you missed the interview, click to listen.


Visit The Mentor In, to discover more about William V. Todd and take the 5 Pillars of Balance Quiz. Pre-order your copy of his forthcoming book, The Mentor In Me.


Learn about William V. Todd’s 90 Day Coaching Series here.


We look forward to many inspiring and informative broadcasts!

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