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Daria DiGiovanni is an accomplished writer, author, blogger, internet radio host and social media professional. She released her first novel, Water Signs: A Story of Love and Renewal in 2008 and is currently at work on a sequel, Sea To Shining Sea. In addition to her blog, she contributes content to a variety of sites, ghostwrites books, provides training on social media platforms, manages social media accounts for individuals and businesses and hosts various internet radio programs, including Writestream Tuesday, and Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss. Daria launched the Writestream Radio Network in March of 2013. Rejoicing in the flow of creativity, the network features hosts Lisa Tarves (Just Believe and Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss), John D. Gresham (Military Monday), Dr. Billie Eizenberg and Attorney Sheena Benjamin-Wise (Family Power Hour), and Kristyn Fetterman (Love, Liberty & Lip Gloss). In November of 2013 she released Reflections on the Ring, a book she authored for Lori Colombo-Dunham and looks forward to the release of Steps To Salvation, a book she's currently writing for client Shlomo Attia.


Writestream Gives Thanks!

It’s been another fantastic year on the Writestream Radio Network. We added a new show, The Speculative Fiction Cantina with S. Evan Townsend, relaunched Love Liberty & Lip Gloss, and have plans in the works to launch a new technology show very soon tentatively titled SEO Strategies with Snapperhead.

LLL-B-tm copyAlthough we lost Family Power Hour due to the demands of both hosts hectic schedules, we appreciate the time and effort Dr. Billie Eizenberg and Sheena Benjamin-Wise consistently put into their weekly Wednesday night broadcast and wish them much success.


In an effort to become a seven-day per week network, we’re still actively seeking a Saturday show and host, preferably in one of the following areas of expertise: Life Coaching for Success, Paranormal Investigating, or Health/Wellness/Fitness/Nutrition. If you fit into one of these categories or have any ideas for an entirely different category, please contact me here.


My partner in this venture — holistic health practitioner, host of Just Believe, co-host of Love Liberty & Lip Gloss and Writestream’s Director of Marketing Lisa Tarves — has been a joy to work with. Full of energy and creative ideas, Lisa’s input has helped us grow the network significantly over the past year. Aside from her busy life as a wife, mom, and business-owner, Lisa devotes an incredible amount of time to building Writestream into a diverse, entertaining, and useful network – not only for our listeners but also our clients. In an age where everyone can write, publish, and broadcast, it’s not easy to grow an internet radio network into a success so I truly appreciate Lisa’s help. I could never do this alone!

While I’m giving credit where it’s due, I also want to express my sincerest gratitude to Military Monday host John D. Gresham. A highly respected and well-known military historian, author, and journalist, John didn’t flinch when I asked him to host our weekly military show. Since he’s a veteran of several high-profile documentaries airing on networks like the History Channel, it means so much to me that John devotes many hours to producing a high-caliber broadcast week in and week out for our little internet radio network. Thank you, John!


To bestselling author and America’s Unique Speculative Fiction Voice, S. Evan Townsend, a very sincere thank you for joining our network last month and bringing your talents — along with some very intriguing, accomplished guests — to the Speculative Fiction Cantina. Evan’s show has provided a much-needed science fiction/paranormal/fantasy/speculative fiction element to the network, one we desperately needed to serve such a huge audience.


In June, Writestream Tuesday added a fantastic segment, the Right Wing Riot. Hosted by The Prince of Whitebread (Roy M. Griffis), Scary Smart (Jamie K. Wilson), and the “Mysterious and Alluring Ms. Always Right,” this snarky, relevant Public Service Satire mocks the latest events in culture and politics. Thank you all for consistently producing a quality show every week!

BigDawgMRlogoA few months ago, thanks in part to The Prince of Whitebread, the Writestream Radio Network began to rebroadcast via Big Dawg Music Radio, affording all hosts and shows and opportunity for greater exposure to a brand-new audience. Be sure to visit Big Dawg Music Radio to listen to their talented line-up of musicians and singers who just happen to love the good ol’ USA!


Finally, a HUGE thank you to all of our faithful listeners, callers, supporters, and guests. Lisa and I have big plans for the network in 2015, so we hope you’ll keep rejoicing in the flow of creativity on the Writestream Radio Network!


Author Daniella Bova on Steps To Salvation

This latest five-star Amazon review from the author of Tears of Paradox, Daniella Bova, made my day:

In Steps To Salvation I learned a great deal about history. The book opens in the year 2412 in Africa, many years after a worldwide upheaval, “The Armageddon War.” The main characters are all fictional descendants of historical figures from the past and present day, including Adolph Hitler, Charles Manson, Hillary Clinton, George W. Bush and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The characters are vividly written. They’re so true to life that I found myself laughing out loud during certain scenes containing the fictional future descendant of President Bill Clinton. In addition to laughing, parts of what I learned made me extremely angry. This book was painstakingly researched. It included facts about world leaders of which I was unaware, even though I’m reasonably up to date on current events as a rule.

Another reader mentioned that Steps to Salvation would be a very good choice for a book club. I agree. Many people of different faiths and backgrounds could find plenty to discuss. Mr. Attia’s ideas are sometimes a bit surprising. I can’t say I agree with every single point he made, but I can and do respect anyone who’s been through a near death experience. Mr. Attia’s ideas for the betterment of society were incorporated in a fresh, engaging way in the Steps To Salvation.

Visit to read the full review and pick up a copy of Shlomo Attia’s book, available in Kindle and paperback. With the holidays coming up, it makes a great gift.



Many thanks to the Writestream ‘Shatter the Narrative’ Panel!

Today I moderated a panel comprised of talented authors and conservatarians who weighed in on some of the most pervasive, destructive narratives in our culture. Given the success of today’s show, I’m planning to make ‘Shatter the Narrative’ a regular monthly feature beginning in January. In addition to these narratives, we managed to incorporate some commentary over recent events like #Shirtgate and MIT professor Jonathan Gruber deriding American stupidity yet publicly admitting to lying about Obamacare to get it passed.

Many thanks to Sarah Hoyt, Marina Fontaine, Daniella Bova, Tom Knighton and Delcan Finn! Missed it? Click below.

Check Out Writing Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Writestream Radio Network on BlogTalkRadio

Writestream Tuesday: Shatter the Narrative

WritestreamLogo-800x533Are you a creative person/writer/reader who loves liberty? Are you tired of the false, pervasive narratives used in pop culture and the media to constantly deride, mock, and repudiate the United States and patriotic Americans?


If you’ve had it with this nonsense, we invite you to listen to our special “Shatter the Narrative” show on Tuesday, November 18 with talented, patriotic authors Sarah Hoyt, Marina Fontaine, Tom Knighton, Declan Finn, and Daniella Bova. Moderated by Writestream founder Dariaanne, the panel will gleefully shatter the following narratives:

  1. The myth of the American suburbs as soulless, horrible places to live;
  2. The myth of European intellectual and cultural superiority over Americans;
  3. The myth of constitutional conservatives as dour, humorless people;
  4. The glamorization of mass murdering revolutionaries like Che Guevara and the romanticizing of brutal political ideologies like communism.

During the live show, we invite you to call in with your comments at (347) 945-7246. After the panel, be sure to stay tuned for the Right Wing Riot with the Luminaries of Liberty: Ms. Always Right, Scary Smart, and The Prince of Whitebread!

RWR_logo_350x300To listen online, click on this link to Writestream Tuesday: Shatter the Narrative. Or you can call (347) 945-7246 to listen by phone (press 1 if you would like to ask a question or make a comment on the air).


See you on Tuesday, November 18 at 1 p.m. Eastern for Writestream Tuesday: Shatter the Narrative!


Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Fantasy Dating Game with Suzanne Casamento


Has the internet dating scene become a chore? Are you tired of being hurt after yet another promising relationship fails? Don’t despair,the Fantasy Dating Game is here!

Fantasy Dating Logo

Founded by Suzanne Casamento shortly after “going crazy” following her 30th birthday, the Fantasy Dating Game is a unique, innovative way to rebuild your confidence and stop the self-defeating whining and questioning. After all, when you stop asking “What’s wrong with me?” and start appreciating your own self-worth, you’ll stop attracting guys with something wrong with them and start attracting guys worthy of your time and attention.


Lisa Tarves and I were so intrigued by Suzanne’s unique concept, we invited her to be our guest on Love Liberty & Lip Gloss on Thursday, November 13 at 7 p.m. Eastern. We hope you’ll pour yourself your favorite beverage and tune in! Got a question during the show? Call us at (347) 945-7246. The chat room will also be open for your participation.

Fantasy Dating Game founder Suzanne Casamento.
Fantasy Dating Game founder Suzanne Casamento.

To listen online, click on this link to Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: Fantasy Dating Game with Suzanne Casamento, or listen by phone by dialing (347) 945-7246.


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