An Hour In The Chapel

An Hour In The Chapel


For Americans who cherish individual liberty and revere the United States Constitution, today is a Day of Mourning. While media sycophants, self-absorbed celebrities and the rest of the progressive lot celebrate Barack Obama’s inauguration — the kick-off of the final phase of his “fundamental transformation” of a once great, independent nation into just another failed European-style welfare state, the rest of us grieve for our country even as we resolve to fight against the naked tyranny the next four years portend.

As one of the informed American citizens who knows we can look FORWARD! to — among other things — higher taxes; persistent unemployment; skyrocketing health insurance premiums; diminishing quality and rationing of health care; emboldened and increasingly powerful enemies like the Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda; an ever-shrinking and weakened US military; and the near-death of the American work ethic, I decided to spend an hour in the chapel at a local church.

While I prayed for the USA’s protection and for the millions of patriots working diligently to lead our country away from socialism and back toward its founding principles, I also asked for forgiveness. It seems almost obscene to ask God’s blessings upon a country that has sanctioned the taxpayer-funded murders of 55 million innocent unborn babies since 1973, while simultaneously quoting the Declaration of Independence:


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.


Life. Liberty. Pursuit of Happiness.

Seems to me the most basic right is the right to life, which has been so brutally slaughtered on the altar of convenience, promiscuity and self-centeredness. Which is why we as conservatives must engage the culture if there’s any hope of saving this country from economic, moral and spiritual destruction.

As I sat there in the chapel, staring at the gorgeous stained-glass windows, I thought about how this administration is doing its damnedest to push people over the brink — an effort that has seemingly increased tenfold since the horrific crime that took place in Newtown, Connecticut in December. No, they never let a crisis go to waste, thus the sickening exploitation of dead children in the name of gun control by executive fiat before those tiny bodies were even removed from the scene of the slaughter. Breathtaking (literally) that the man who voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act FOUR times has the sheer audacity to proclaim his devotion to the cause of protecting innocent children while exhorting Americans to do the same.

“The issue is never the issue. The issue is always the revolution.”

This little mantra concerns me enough to keep me awake at night, especially after reading The Harbinger. It’s clear to anyone paying attention that the radicals in our government are trying to incite violence from the half of the country that still believes in the principles of our founding documents, the better to crush us once and for all and complete their destruction of “the last, best hope on earth”. Those of us who “bitterly cling to our guns and our religion” are an obstacle to their utopian statist dreams of centralized control over the unwashed masses.

I prayed today that in spite of our rotting culture with its evil disregard for the sanctity of innocent life and the defenseless unborn, God would still be forgiving. That He would still be willing to protect us from evil from without and within, acknowledging the millions of decent, upstanding patriots who are unapologetic about their faith and willing to do everything in their power to restore the USA to its former greatness as a shining city on a hill. And I asked for guidance as an individual engaged in this cause, as to how I might make the best possible contribution.

This is how I spent a Day of Mourning — Inauguration Day — January 21, 2013. I have not, nor do I plan to turn on the television today. I won’t listen to news coverage on the radio or read about it on the internet. I already know what took place today in Washington, D.C. And unlike a vast swath of the electorate that no doubt took it all in and gushed about the “historic” nature of it all, I also know what it means for our future.

To quote Thomas Jefferson, “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”

UPDATE: Via Breitbart, Mark Levin’s Inaugural Message — Fight!


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  1. This is awesome, D! You did a lot better than I did. I just ignored the entire day…but I was studying my Bible for an upcoming message. Am blessed by what you did! I wish more folks like you would step up and we will get through the difficult days again for God’s people…as predicted in the Bible!!
    I honor and bless you in Jesus’ Name amen,


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