Agenda: Grinding America Down — A Review

Agenda: Grinding America Down — A Review

Back in July, I wrote a brief post and embedded the trailer for the enlightening documentary, Agenda: Grinding America Down, on the recommendation of a good Facebook friend. The other night I finally had the opportunity to watch this excellent film in its entirety, thanks to the generosity of its creator, Curtis Bowers, who has made it available for free for a limited time. To watch Agenda: Grinding America Down, click here.

A thoroughly researched and highly disturbing expose on the concerted effort by avowed communists to take down the United States of America, Grinding America Down details Curtis’ two-year journey to discover and expose the truth as to the causes of America’s perilous decline. He notes that in 2008, as he began to delve into the roots of our cultural decay, he remembered a meeting of American Communists he’d attended 16 years earlier in Berkeley at the behest of a friend. As more and more facts emerged throughout the course of his research, he was shocked to realize that this enemy within had accomplished most of its stated goals — goals he believed to be laughable and unrealistic back in 1992.

For anyone who mistakenly believes that there is no correlation between morality and economic prosperity, this film will certainly disavow them of that notion. It proves that America’s strength and endurance had always been derived from its high moral standards, a fact fully understood by communists, which is why they set about to undermine, attack and dismantle every institution held in high esteem by Americans — from traditional marriage to motherhood. They also sought to infiltrate public education, cinema, pop culture, news media and academia, using these influential mediums to drive people to reject the traditional values bequeathed by their parents and instead embrace the “progressive” agenda.

All you have to do is turn on the television, pick up a women’s magazine, walk through a shopping mall, watch the news or go to a movie to understand just how extraordinarily successful they have been. In addition to a lack of basic manners, our culture has accepted abominations like abortion, which has brutally taken the lives of 55 million innocents under the euphemistic guise of “choice”, and generally promoted a “feel good”, “instant gratification” mentality where respect for self and others is in short supply, and “quaint” concepts like personality responsibility, self-reliance and belief in God are routinely mocked and eschewed.

So why watch Grinding America Down?

Well for starters, Bowers promises from the outset that although “The Left wants you to think that the cultural changes that have taken place since the 1960s have done nothing but progress us forward, this film will show that the brave new world they seek is nothing more than the failed policies and ideologies of the communism that enslaved over one-third of the world’s population during the 20th Century. It will show that most on the left aren’t communists; just the useful idiots Lenin spoke of, being used to promote a socialist agenda, which is the first and necessary step on the way to communism.”

You may already be aware of most of the information provided in the film. From my many years of educating myself on these topics, I already knew for example, that the 20th Century was the bloodiest one in history — more human beings were slaughtered in the 20th Century than in all previous centuries combined. Think about that for a moment. It’s simply mind-blowing. And yet, how many public schools are teaching that as part of their history curriculum? Not many.

This film explains why.

For that matter, Grinding America Down explains in under two hours how and why our country has gone from “Norman Rockwell’s America to Hugh Heffner’s America”, as a result of a stated purpose to “detach American culture from any moral compass whatsoever”.

As a traditional Catholic living with the consequences of our cultural transformation that accelerated dramatically starting in 1960, this film shed even more light on the deliberate, evil and skillfully organized agenda to bring our once great nation to its knees. As I watched, I thought of countless conversations I’ve had with single and/or divorced female friends in which they’ve complained about the dearth of quality men and the preponderance of shallow, self-absorbed jerks who were only interested in a quick hook-up, not a serious relationship — and certainly not marriage.

What does this have to do with economic decline? More than most people realize. For example, the so-called “women’s liberation” of the 60s (which is mostly to blame for the state of today’s dating scene) was nothing more than an alliance with the Left — one target in a multi-faceted approach to destroy the very fabric of America, the nuclear family. By demeaning and eliminating fatherhood (particularly in black American families) and thus creating generational government dependency, the communists and their socialist enablers could more easily achieve the goal of destroying the USA and its proud tradition of rugged individualism, private charity and religious devotion. Other items in the agenda flowchart include the homosexual agenda, abortion, environmentalism and social justice. Sound familiar?

Grinding America Down connects all of the dots and helps viewers see the bigger picture. It exposes all of the players, past and present, from Karl Marx to Antonio Gramsci to Saul Alinsky to Barack Obama. It further cemented my belief that Barack Obama is merely a symptom and an inevitable culmination in what has been a very patient, methodical and (yes I have to admit) brilliant undertaking. Give the devil his due; after all as Bowers reminds us, Saul Alinksy dedicated his book Rules For Radicals to Lucifer. Evil? Definitely. Smart? Absolutely.

So the question remains: Is it too late?

All of the experts interviewed in the film agree that although the fat lady is “clearing her throat” she hasn’t yet begun to sing. But it will take every effort patriots can make to ensure the restoration and survival of the Republic. A great place to start is by watching Grinding America Down and sharing it with everyone you know.


6 thoughts on “Agenda: Grinding America Down — A Review

  1. While I haven’t seen the movie, I can safely say that it is an alarming revelation that the most paranoid and angry suspicions I had, as a teenager, stuck in those public schools– were actually true.

    My husband and I were having a discussion about this in a diner last night– and the song “We don’t need no Education” came on the speakers. I stopped and shivered. Maybe THIS is what was going on through Brittan when that song was a phenomenon. Considering the state of Britain today– it wouldn’t surprise me.

    As good as Thatcher was for saving Britain’s Bottom line– did she try to stop the cultural rot going on? I honestly don’t know. Then again, one “No” to 50 “Yes”es doesn’t have much impact over the long term, when the entire machine is on the side of “Yes”. We learned that from Regan. Really, it’s amazing that both of them accomplished as much as they did.

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