A Review of ‘The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks’ by Evan Sayet

A Review of ‘The KinderGarden of Eden: How The Modern Liberal Thinks’ by Evan Sayet

KinderGardenEdenLast Saturday, Steve and I had the pleasure of interviewing author Evan Sayet about his latest book on CRF Radio. Since then I’ve had the chance to finish The KinderGarden of Eden, which I highly recommend for patriots all across the fruited plain as a guide to understanding and defeating the enemy of liberalism.

If you’re a right-thinking person who values common sense, hard work and achievement in addition to a belief in God, reverence for the United States Constitution and a healthy respect for science, it’s a safe bet you’re often puzzled by the propensity of left-thinking people to stubbornly — dare I say bitterly? — cling to their irrational worldview, which history has repeatedly exposed as deeply flawed at best and inherently evil at worst.

For example, as Sayet notes in his book, communism, the brutal ideology often heralded by lefties as superior to free-market capitalism, holds the record for killing the highest number of innocents in the 20th century — more than all other ideologies combined. In fact, it’s directly responsible for the murders of 120 million innocent people. And yet, in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the “Modern Liberal” — as Evan differentiates from a “Classical Liberal” in the mold of JFK — tends to view communism and its collectivist cousins like socialism as something eminently desirable, a method by which to create a “utopia” on earth.

Or as Ronald Reagan once put it, “It’s not that our liberal friends are stupid. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so”.

And whereas a Classical Liberal like JFK once urged Americans, “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” today’s Modern Liberal abhors the very notion of patriotism and American Exceptionalism, considering him or herself above all a “Citizen of the World”.

While it’s easy for conservatives to mock liberal attitudes and impulses, it’s also critically important that they understand the root causes (to use a favorite liberal buzz-phrase) of such erroneous thinking and the methods by which liberals perpetuate their misguided philosophy within our society. The KinderGarden of Eden is an excellent primer for such an undertaking.

A self-described “9/13 Republican”, Sayet was chagrined to discover not only a pervasive belief among his liberal friends in the aftermath of 9/11 that America “deserved” it (thereby siding with evil), but that they often made “the most objectively false and even hateful anti-American arguments” to support their flawed belief system. That experience led to the author’s study of “How The Modern Liberal Thinks”, which ultimately led to a 2007 lecture at the Heritage Foundation and the 2012 publication of his book.

The title is a variation of Robert Fulghum’s popular book All I Really Need to Know I Learned In Kindergarten, first published in 1988. More specifically, Sayet’s effort is a take-down of the “Modern Liberal” worldview exemplified by Fulghum in his paean to eternal childhood, which of course is adored by Modern Liberals everywhere.

Among other things, Sayet’s book explains with great clarity:

  • The notion of indiscriminateness, or the Modern Liberal’s deliberate rejection of the intellectual process
  • Why the Modern Liberal consistently sides with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, evil over good
  • The phenomenon of Modern Liberal “projection” wherein he or she ascribes the negative qualities of the lesser to the better, and the qualities of the better to the lesser
  • Why the Modern Liberal deliberately denies personal standards, preferring instead to lower others/society to his level
  • Why the Modern Liberal has secondary policies meant to somewhat mitigate the greater suffering caused by his/her primary policies
  • The utter contempt the Modern Liberal harbors for hard work and those who willingly labor to produce things of value and to better their social/economic situation
  • The difference between the True Believer and The Mindless Foot Soldier
  • The Four Laws of the United Theory of Liberalism and its Corollaries
  • The genius of Bruce Spingsteen’s lyrics

On that last bullet, do not be misled that either Mr. Sayet or I actually buy the garbage Bruce Springsteen peddles in his songs; quite the contrary. However, as someone who considers Springsteen a no-talent and his voice an assault on my eardrums, I was nevertheless impressed by the sheer cleverness of his lyrics — as noted by the author — in promoting his left-wing agenda. Let’s just say that to Mr. Springsteen, having a productive job (as opposed to a utopian one in which all one has to do is express an opinion) and familial responsibilities is a leading cause of rape and murder.

In the book the author also highlights the advances of Western Civilization, brought about by a healthy balance between God and science, or as he puts it between “Athens  and Jerusalem”, and notes the chaos that ensues when this balance is disrupted by eliminating one in favor of the other. And he backs it all up with real-world examples from history.

To anyone who wants to understand what we as Americans and conservatives are up against as we battle the left in the arena of ideas, The KinderGarden of Eden: How the Modern Liberal Thinks is a must-have in your intellectual arsenal. Pick up a copy today at Evan Sayet’s website.

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