A Harbinger of Things To Come?

A Harbinger of Things To Come?

With Liz Ruotolo, fellow patriot, new friend and Romney supporter at Dunkin Donuts in Boca Raton.

After voting, sign waving and hanging out for a bit at a friend’s house, I decided to set up at a local Dunkin Donuts in Boca Raton to do some blogging and catch up on social media. Proudly wearing my Romney-Ryan button, I didn’t care who might turn up their nose (or worse) upon noticing, but I never expected what just happened a few minutes ago.

As I sat reading and typing, a lovely young woman approached me and in an excited voice asked if I had another Romney button. Although I didn’t have another to give her, I offered to go out to my car to retrieve a bunch of Romney-Ryan signs, a gesture she gratefully accepted, thrilled to bring them back to her office, boss and co-workers. People around us definitely noticed, though no one else — save for two of her co-workers (one of whom took the photos) seemed to pay us any mind.

No matter. It might be anecdotal, like the reports of extremely high voter turnout all around suburban Philadelphia but when you add everything up, you can’t help but feel the groundswell for freedom. God willing, we’ll all be celebrating an early victory tonight.

Thank you Liz, for making my day! 🙂



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