5 Fabulous Books for Conservatives

5 Fabulous Books for Conservatives

BookStackAs with yesterday’s post on 5 Conservative Films to Watch and Share, this is just a place to start. We’re blessed with an abundance of talented, conservative film makers, authors, singers and artists of every variety that I’ll never run out of suggestions to post on the blog. In order to do them justice, I prefer to keep these lists small,  so look for one every week on books, films, music, television programming and the artists who create them. In spite of their remarkable talent, drive and persistence, many of them are struggling to break into the “big time”, which is why I prefer to spotlight them, along with their more well-known counterparts.

All deserve our support. So here’s the first installment of 5 Fabulous Books for Conservatives.



1. The Harbinger

As noted in my recent review:

HarbingerTold through the eyes of fictional journalist Nouriel via a closed door meeting with a high-powered New York publishing executive, The Harbinger progressively demystifies ancient texts and their historical significance not only to ancient Israel, but to modern-day America. A story within a story, this captivating book takes the reader along on Nouriel’s mysterious travels and interactions with a 21st century prophet, who guides him along in his quest to unravel the esoteric messages contained in the nine seals with which he has been burdened. For Nouriel, the urgency is palpable; he is not only driven to reveal the warnings hidden in these seals, he’s been chosen specifically for this purpose, though he doesn’t make that discovery until the end.

As a reader, it’s nearly impossible to avoid experiencing the same sense of urgency and foreboding. From the beginning, Cahn’s book mesmerizingly draws you in and successively piques your interest as one after another of the puzzle pieces are put into place. With specific and jarring examples of the unknowing enactment of ancient biblical texts by America’s leaders in the years following 9/11 and the financial crisis; the explanation of the significance of specific numbers to particular occurrences in US history from 2001-2009; and the correlation between the Hebrew calendar and the one used today, The Harbinger proves its case methodically, logically and accurately.

Pick up a copy of The Harbinger today.

2. Agenda 21

Once I picked this up, I could not put it down:

Agenda21This nightmare vision of a statist controlled future is a compelling, hard-to-put-down and disturbing read. Reflecting the urgency, hopelessness and peril of their situation, the main characters speak in short, clipped sentences, revealing just enough to help the reader understand how they and their former countrymen went from being free citizens of a thriving country to slaves of an all-powerful Authority known as the Republic.

Told through the eyes of an 18 year-old girl who is living with her mother at a compound when the story begins, Agenda 21 chronicles their daily struggle for survival, complete with water and food rationing and the mandate to walk a prescribed amount of hours daily on an “energy board” — or else face the wrath of the soulless collectivists who basically control every aspect of their lives.

Recently I had the pleasure of “meeting” author Harriet Parke on Twitter and she has agreed to an interview on CRF Radio, which will most likely take place on Saturday, January  26. Stay tuned for details and in the meantime, buy this timely thriller. It’s a perfect example of how to use entertainment to instruct and educate low-information and apathetic voters who nevertheless love their country and live by traditional values. Once it piques their interest, they can continue on to the Appendix where the actual Agenda 21 is explained in great detail.  Reading this book might give them the motivation they need to act locally to prevent the implementation of this diabolical program throughout the United States. You can also follow Harriet on Twitter @HarrietParke.

3. Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand

Once upon a saner time in the USA, the lemonade stand was a rite of passage for many children — a fun way to learn the basics of business, hard work and LemonadeStandentrepreneurship, while cultivating the American spirit of independence and innovation. That is, until humorless, freedom-destroying progressives sucked a few lemons and set out to destroy any spark of initiative and responsibility demonstrated by American youth, instilled by upstanding parents, family and friends. Author Janie Johnson’s book uses the
lemonade stand as a metaphor to demonstrate how excessive government regulation is destroying the American dream and “slowly choking the American way of life”.

Notes Janie:

My whole perspective is that I am not an expert. I am just an informed American citizen (who has done her homework) who is not satisfied with the direction of our country or the way in which it is currently being governed. I am not a political activist or even a “Tea Party” participant. I have never been to a political rally, and I do not march, carry signs (or even place them in my yard), or put together events. I am not a pundit, a political scientist, a historian, a constitutional lawyer, or a politician.

I am a mother of four who was not particularly politically motivated (other than to cast an informed vote) until I saw the current level of out-of-control government spending, excessive regulation, unimaginable debt, private company bailouts by the government, attempt to take over healthcare by the federal government, and weakness on defense and terrorism. I represent all of those who have not been particularly involved in the political process until recent events. I am a registered Republican, but I am displeased with nearly all politicians, including most Republicans. My values are common sense conservative; and consistent with the Constitution and the notions of our founding fathers.

Get a copy of Don’t Take My Lemonade Stand here. Listen to my interview with Janie from June, 2011 here. Follow her on Twitter @jjauthor.

4. Tomorrow I’m Dead

Bun-Yom-193x300From Andante Publishing, Bun Yom’s harrowing account of brutality, survival, hope and triumph as a Khmer Rouge captive will elicit a myriad of emotion — from outrage and sorrow to hope and gratitude. Based on his own experience of making the transformation from communist slave to intrepid freedom fighter in the Cambodian army, Tomorrow I’m Dead is not the most well-written book you’ll ever read. However, its value lies in its shocking truth and the genuine courage of its author. You’ll be inspired by Yom’s grim determination as he soldiers on by relying on a higher power and overcomes formidable odds most of us have never had to deal with. You’ll be inspired by his journey, which will reinvigorate your appreciation and willingness to fight for the blessings of freedom we enjoy here in the good ol’ USA.

Check out my Blog Talk Radio interview with Bun Yom here.






5. Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere

In a review for The Conservative Diva, I wrote:

frontcoverI remember well my first exposure to the Governor of Alaska, sometime in late-2007/early-2008 when she appeared on a cable news program to discuss her efforts and achievements specifically in the area of energy development and domestic drilling.

I recall my first thought being, “Man, this woman knows what she’s talking about! She really needs to be on the national stage”. Thus began my interest in Sarah Palin as a political figure, patriot, Christian, wife, mother and soon-to-be electrifying conservative warrior running for the VP slot on the GOP ticket in 2008. On the day she was officially announced, I remember texting back and forth with two of my brothers, also Palin fans, in anticipation of the big news. I’ll never forget the euphoria we all felt when the McCain campaign formally introduced her in Dayton, Ohio to an enthusiastic crowd, which prompted us to start our own blog Palin Drone, devoted to all things Palin and conservative.

And my previous plan to drag myself to the polls on Election Day, “hold my nose” and vote for the lesser of two evils was immediately replaced with renewed vigor and determination to roll up my sleeves and do everything I could to help McCain-Palin get to the White House.

What I didn’t know at the time was that I had Frank Aquila to thank for her presence on the ticket.

Because the Chairman of the McCain Campaign in San Joaquin County, California had persistently devoted his time in the aftermath of McCain’s nomination to getting the Senator to name Governor Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential running mate, having spent the better part of the year following Palin’s achievements as governor of Alaska and learning everything he could about her as a person, Christian and public figure.

After the repulsive accusations leveled against Sarah Palin in the wake of the Gabby Giffords shooting, Frank was moved to write a book chronicling his efforts in 2008 to influence the McCain campaign to eschew the selection of a “moderate” (such as contenders Pawlenty, Romney and Lieberman) for VP and –  in his words — choose someone instead who would “electrify” the base of the Republican Party.

I represented Frank back in August and September of 2011, part of which involved traveling to Iowa for her appearance at the Tea Party rally in Indianola, Iowa where we both had the pleasure of meeting her and Todd in person. She is even more beautiful and fit than she appears on television, and every bit as gracious, energetic and driven.

As for Frank, it was also a pleasure to meet such a dedicated patriot who himself embodies the spirit of American ingenuity and persistence. This book was a labor of love for the hard-working peace officer and father of two but he was determined to write it to help counter the stomach-churning lies, distortions and attacks by a corrupt media and pop culture.

More from my review:

But what distinguishes Aquila’s book from other Palin books on the market — aside from his monumental role in helping to put her in the national spotlight — is his own personal story of triumph over hardship.

Frank meets Sarah and Todd Palin and gives them a copy of his book in September, 2011.
Frank meets Sarah and Todd Palin and gives them a copy of his book in September, 2011.

After struggling through his elementary and high school years with a learning disability, Aquila went on to become a peace officer and obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice — an achievement earned over an 11-year period. Like Sarah Palin and many grassroots activists, he also had his run-ins with the Republican establishment in his area, which rejected his fresh, innovative ideas to attract more voters and help release the liberal stranglehold on the Golden State. Undaunted, Aquila went on to found his own organization, the South San Joaquin County Republicans which now boasts a membership of over 2,000.

The success of Aquila’s organization set him up to be a McCain Campaign Chairman in 2008, meet President George W. Bush, organize a gala dinner for Gold Star Families and become a sought-out endorsement for local, state and national candidates.

His experience and expertise in the political realm, coupled with extensive research has enabled Aquila to write a book that not only celebrates American Exceptionalism, Sarah Palin and the ability of the individual to move mountains with enough persistence and determination, but also serves as a practical guide for every patriot who is serious about returning the United States of America to its Constitutional principles.

Readers learn about the history of communism in the United States, the real reason Palin resigned as governor, the “media mafia” that sought to destroy her and Aquila’s ten solutions for the restoration of America.

I cannot recommend Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere highly enough and encourage all Palin supporters to purchase it — not just for themselves but for the Palin skeptics in their lives and anyone who is seeking to make a positive contribution to the effort of returning the United States of America to greatness.


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