5 Conservative Films To Watch and Share

5 Conservative Films To Watch and Share


First, a few caveats. This is merely a place to start, not an all-inclusive list. Building on my post about how to rescue pop culture from progressives, specifically #6 — Start Your Own Film Festival — I thought I’d follow up with some suggestions to help you get started. I’ve seen and/or reviewed all of them, which include three of the documentaries of Stephen K. Bannon, a Hallmark movie and a major motion picture.

So invite over some friends (especially the apolitical or misinformed ones), pop some popcorn, sit back and enjoy as you help them transform from low-information voters to defenders of the republic. Or if you’re feeling ambitious, organize a monthly “movie night” at your place of worship, local school auditorium or other public venue to reach as many people as possible in your community.

1. In The Face of Evil: Reagan’s War in Word and Deed

This epic film not only offers a compelling biography of 40th US President Ronald Reagan, but also an important history lesson about the 20th century — the bloodiest one in history — thanks in large part to the evils of communism. Those unfamiliar with or derisive of the late President, his biography and his record will be thoroughly educated and inspired by his unrelenting quest to prevent the infestation of communism within the United States, liberate those living under its iron fist, and rid the world of its totalitarian savagery once and for all.

2. Follow The Stars Home

While not billed specifically as a “pro-life” movie, that message certainly resonates in this story of a young woman who refuses to oblige her self-centered husband’s wishes to abort their first child when medical testing determines severe abnormalities. Other themes include forgiveness, redemption, friendship and the unbreakable bond between mother and child. If you’ve never seen Follow The Stars Home, I highly recommend purchasing the DVD and watching this simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting film that above all else celebrates the fact that all life — even the seemingly imperfect — has value.

3. Agenda: Grinding America Down

A thoroughly researched and highly disturbing expose on the concerted effort by avowed communists to take down the United States of America, Grinding America Down details Idaho State Representative Curtis Bowers’ two-year journey to discover and expose the truth as to the causes of America’s perilous decline.

4. The Blind Side

Academy Award nominee Sandra Bullock stars as Leigh Anne Tuohy, an upper-middle-class interior designer and married mother of two who lives a comfortable life in an upscale Memphis neighborhood. One cold, late-fall evening, while driving home with her husband Sean (played by country singer Tim McGraw) and son S.J. (Jae Head) from a Thanksgiving play at her kids’ prestigious Christian school, she encounters homeless, shivering “Big Mike” (Quinton Aaron), the latest addition to the student body.

What begins as an act of compassion leads to a positive, life-altering experience for both Michael and the Tuohy family. The best part about this heartwarming example of the triumph of individual charity and compassion over the failed, repressive policies of the Nanny State is that it’s based on a true story.

5. District of Corruption

A detailed, insightful and eye-opening expose of the permanent political class in Washington D.C., District of Corruption is a must-see for all Americans who demand accountability from their government. Lest anyone mistakenly believe this film is all about chastising Democrats, it’s equally as tough on George W. Bush’s cronyism as it is on Bill Clinton’s and Barack Obama’s cover-ups. Aside from a desire to descend on Capitol Hill with pitchforks, your audience will also come away with a deep, abiding respect and gratitude for Judicial Watch and their focused pursuit of shining the spotlight on the permanent political class and its sickening sense of entitlement, which compels them to secure their own self-interest above all — instead of doing right by the American people — to whom they owe their very tenure.

Taking back the culture begins with getting out of a comfort zone and actively promoting the entertaining and enlightening offerings of American artists and documentarians among those with whom you have influence. Start with your little corner of the world today.


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