10 Ways To Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

10 Ways To Make 2013 Your Best Year Yet

2013As someone who pays close attention to politics, reveres the United States Constitution, co-hosts a weekly political program on
internet radio
, reads conservative blogs like The Other McCain, Twitchy and PJ Media on a daily basis and listens to talk radio hosts like “The Great One” Mark Levin, it’s been a challenge trying to maintain an optimistic outlook for 2013.

And yet, I am determined to do it — in the spirit of American independence, self-reliance, rugged individualism, personal responsibility, self-discipline and faith in God. As my conservative friends on social media often advise, working hard, succeeding and being happy are the best ways to annoy a liberal — along with plenty of well-deserved mockery of course!

Firm in that resolve, here’s my TO DO List for 2013:

1. Become a certified Leslie Sansone Walk Instructor – Having been an avid fan of Leslie’s programs since discovering them in 2008, for nearly the past two months I have mustered the discipline to do her 3-mile or 4-mile Walk Away The Pounds workout every single day, with noticeable results. Within two weeks, I noticed my body reshaping. As time has gone by, my muscle tone, strength and endurance have also increased. It’s an amazing feeling to experience improved physical strength and well-being, which in turn does wonders for keeping a positive mindset, sound spirituality and balanced emotions.

So I figured, why not take it a step further in 2013 and become certified to share these fabulous workouts with others? Since I am doing them anyway, why not add some monetary compensation to the impressive list of benefits? If this sounds appealing to you, check out the Walk Leader site for more info.

2. Build Up My Freelance Blogging, Writing, Editing and Social Media Business – One of the best things to happen to me late in the year was hearing from an old client about resurrecting his book project for which I am the ghost writer. Due to unforeseen circumstances and a thriving business (for which he’s very thankful), we’d put the project on hold for a while. When we reconnected, I remembered how relevant and timely his concept was, though the book is set well into the future. The more we talked, the more excited I became at the prospect of helping him bring his story and characters to life.

And after talking to another professional friend who fears her corporate job is ending due to lay-offs and is now firmly in the “be your own boss” camp, I was inspired to make it happen for me in 2013. On Thursday, I’ll be joining a free two-hour seminar and the other day, I downloaded a free tool from Arlene Taveroff to Create A Brand That Rocks. Every little bit helps and the nice thing about the internet is that you can obtain a lot of useful information at little or no cost. And once your business takes off, you can take things to the next level registering for good programs that may cost a bit more.

So whatever your talents and interests, find a way to employ them for significant monetary compensation in 2013.

LeslieSansoneFitFaith3. Read At Least One Book Per Week – And by that I don’t mean a novel, although the escapism they provide can be a valuable way to keep your creative juices flowing when it’s time to work again. I am talking about motivating guide books that can help you get closer to your goals, written by someone who’s achieved their own and thus has the credibility to offer
advice to others based on their own experience. Suggested authors include Amilya Antonetti and Guy Kawasaki. Check out this Forbes.com article for others.

4. Carve Out At Least 30 Minutes A Day To Connect With God – Being a Catholic Christian, for me this involves reading and reflecting on a daily Bible verse, praying and meditating daily. I’ve recently discovered a new devotion to the Archangel Michael who showed up during a recent session with the excellent metaphysical healer Lisa Tarves. However you choose to connect with the Divine, just make time to do it every single day as a reminder that there’s a much higher plan at work and that no matter what happens, God is in charge.

5. Spend At Least 15 Minutes A Day In Nature – Along with exercise, nothing promotes good physical, emotional and mental health like spending time in nature. Whether you live by the beach, in the mountains, in the city or in a sprawling suburb, take the time each day to step away from the computer and into some fresh air. Take walk, sit by the ocean, ride your bike around the block or simply sit on a park bench. Breathe deeply. Take in the sights. Then go back to work feeling invigorated.

6. Reconnect With An Old Interest/Hobby For Which You Once Had Tremendous Passion – For me that means getting back to my ballroom dancing days. Many people don’t know that I spent about 15 years as an avid ballroom dancer and instructor, long before Dancing With The Stars came along. And while I don’t have a good reason for abandoning an activity that gave me so much joy and kept me in shape, in 2013 I am determined to strap on my Latin dance sandals and take frequent spins around the hardwood dance floor again!

WomanPrayerOcean7. Put The Past To Bed – If you’re human, chances are you’ve had the universal experience of making and losing valuable friendships and other important relationships. While these incidents are incredibly painful, they are an inevitable part of life, so resolve to learn from them, apologize for your mistakes if possible and then move on. If it means these people will no longer be in your life, instead of feeling sad and angry, bless the time you did have with them. Last year, a 16+ year friendship came to an end when this person decided that doing business with a third party whom she’d known for just over a year was either more important and/or incompatible with simultaneously continuing our relationship. I spent a lot of time feeling sad about it but enough is enough. I wish her well and have shed my last tear over it. Guess I can also feel good about the fact that if not for me, she would never have met the third party. Perhaps that was my ultimate role in all of this, anyway.

8. Maintain A Daily Exercise Regimen – Whether you go to the gym, jog outdoors, rollerblade, walk, ski or zumba, resolve to get moving every single day for your overall well-being. Make it a habit, not a luxury you can’t afford. Even if it means getting up an hour earlier, just get to it.

9. Drink More Water – I grew up in a home where the importance of drinking plenty of water for better health was constantly drilled into us by my surgeon father who would frequently remind us how water flushes out the kidneys and makes the body run more efficiently. Aside from my morning Dunkin Donuts coffee, water is my favorite drink — preferably with fresh-squeezed lemon.

10. Eat Healthy – Whatever diet plan works best for you, stick to it. Buy fresh veggies, cook at home as much as possible, try out new recipes, and limit your indulgences to one day a week.

And as a bonus suggestion, remember to track your progress and record your feelings in a daily journal. Aside from being a great way to unleash your creativity and calm your nerves,  you never know when journaling might help you to write your own novel!



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    • Thanks Jerry…just a human being trying to learn from previous mistakes and thrive in spite of all of the political and economic upheaval. Appreciate your compliment though and Happy New Year! 🙂

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