Got A Story to Share with the World? Writestream Publishing can help!

What’s your story?

Perhaps you’ve overcome countless obstacles in your life and would like to share the lessons you’ve learned with others. Or maybe you have a brilliant idea for a contemporary romance novel, a paranormal thriller, or a compelling mystery.

Well, what’s stopping you?

Could it be that although you’ve got the content or the concept, you have no idea where to begin? That in spite of your rich life experience and boundless creativity, you’re stuck….and stumped. For a variety of reasons.

Maybe writing’s just not your thing. Or, maybe you haven’t a clue as to how to find a good editor, navigate through the independent publishing process and/or use social media to connect with your audience. The consequences?

You — and most importantly — your readers are missing out. Because even though technology has leveled the playing field for new and unknown authors, your fabulous idea remains locked inside your head or hidden away in private journals because publishing and marketing in the age of the internet is just too overwhelming.

That’s where Writestream Publishing can help. Founded by Lisa Tarves and me in May of 2015, Writestream Publishing believes that everyone has a valuable story to tell. We’re committed to making the writing, editing, and independent publishing, and social media marketing process effective and affordable.

As a seasoned ghostwriter and editor, I know how to bring a client’s concept to life. Whether it’s a slightly fictionalized or straightforward memoir, or a creative work of fiction, I consult with each client to make their dream of writing and publishing a book a reality. All while remaining true to their vision and voice. Now I offer this service through Writestream Publishing, in addition to a full menu of services to enable our clients to reach their publishing goals, no matter how big or small.

Are you intimidated by the prospect of setting up a blog, Twitter account, Facebook Page and other necessary online marketing tools? Writestream Publishing takes the guesswork out of it and positions you for social media success!

Whether it’s simple set-up and training, or ongoing social media management, we can help you create your brand; establish and maintain important relationships with your readers; and ultimately attain your desired level of success.

Here are just a few of the services Writestream Publishing offers. To view our Publishing Packages, click here. We also offer a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss your unique project. Ready to get started? Contact us here.

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Document Formatting
  • Management of Independent Publishing Process
  • Word Press blog set-up
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Social Media Sites Set-Up
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Training

Please note: In the slider above, I’ve included ghostwriting, editing, web content, and social media clients. While some of these services overlap depending on the client and book, all work together to help them reach their audience.


Water Signs on Kindle for $2.99

WaterSigns2.jpgBetter late than never, my 2008 novel Water Signs is now available on Kindle for $2.99. It’s been an interesting journey, navigating through this brave new media marketing world over the past six years. Although I haven’t actively promoted the book in a very long time, I recently realized that 1.) My network of contacts, friends and clients has dramatically increased thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, providing a large new base of potential readers, and 2.) Now that I’ve completed two ghostwritten books and have a handle on social media projects for clients, I can make the time to (finally) finish Sea To Shining Sea.

One of the many benefits of being an independently published author is that you can never really penetrate your market; therefore, there are endless opportunities to reach new readers. And what better way to pave the way to sequel success than to have my audience fall in love with (or in many cases, all over again) Water Signs just before the sequel’s release?

If you would like to download Water Signs to your Kindle for $2.99, click here. For insights into the book’s various themes, literary techniques and characters, click here.

Thank you to everyone who supports my writing — I appreciate you! :)


Robert Pascuzzi: “She had obviously done her homework.”


I just received this testimonial from recent guest Robert Pascuzzi in my inbox:

Daria Anne was a delight to talk to and made the interview process comfortable and easy. She had obviously done her homework and the questions were fantastic! I highly recommend interviewing with Daria Anne whenever you are given the opportunity.

If you missed the interview in question, click below to listen. Many thanks to Robert!

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Writestream Tuesday with Paul Clayton


I had a blast interviewing the personable and multi-talented author Paul Clayton today on Writestream. We talked about everything from his many novels to social media to flying to Frankfurt Germany after 9/11/01 to accept a prestigious book award.

If you missed it, click below to listen.

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Looking forward to interviewing Paul again when his next book is released!


Book Review: ‘Amy Lynn Golden Angel’


Posted today on Amazon:

In his sequel to the excellent Amy Lynn, author Jack July delivers. Picking up where Amy Lynn left off, Golden Angel portrays an older, wiser and even more mature protagonist, thanks to the hell of war. Unlike the first book, Golden Angel takes readers on a CIA adventure involving Mexican cartels and child trafficking but the author continues his tradition of presenting layered, interesting characters with rich histories and clearly defined motives. While most of the action takes place far from Amy’s hometown in Alabama — including the European continent — Jack July never sacrifices character development for nonstop intrigue. I especially enjoyed his characterization of “President North” — reminiscent of one of my favorite political leaders from the great state of Alaska.

Although beloved characters like Uncle Jack and Carla Jo appear only briefly in Golden Angel, readers will still enjoy Amy’s continued journey of personal growth, self-awareness, and commitment to the values that made the United States of America an exceptional country. Nowhere is this more evident than in the protagonist’s mental separation of “Amy Lynn” and “Elle” — her CIA-assigned alter ego who is also a trained assassin. The struggle between good and evil is clearly defined, along with the need to confront and defeat evil relentlessly.

If you love characters with backbone, courage, and a passion for justice you’ll love Amy Lynn Golden Angel.

Purchase Amy Lynn Golden Angel on Amazon in Kindle or paperback.


Love Liberty & Lip Gloss: ‘Just Believe’ with Lisa Tarves


Last night on Love Liberty & Lip Gloss I interviewed my dear friend and biz partner Lisa Tarves on the release of Just Believe: Commonsense Spirituality for the 21st Century. If you missed the broadcast, click below to listen to Lisa talk about angels, chakras, holistic health, and her plans for Writestream Radio and Writestream Publishing!

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Do you have a story to tell? Contact us at Writestream Publishing to set up a free, 30-minute consultation.


‘Common Ground on Common Core’ with Kirsten Lombard


Back in February I interviewed the indefatigable Kirsten Lombard, founder of Resounding Books, political activist, editor, and author about Common Ground on Common Core: Voices from across the Political Spectrum Expose the Realities of the Common Core State Standards.

If you missed this important interview, click to listen.

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Kirsten is now offering a $2.00 discount on the book to my blog readers, as you will note from the ad in the right sidebar. Just click on the ad, then type in Promo Code DARIANNE.

Whether you have children and grandchildren or just care about the future of our country and the preservation of individual liberty, this book is a must-read. Buy Common Ground on Common Core: Voice from across the Political Spectrum Expose the Realities of the Common Core State Standards today.

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