Got A Story to Share with the World?

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What’s your story?

Perhaps you’ve overcome countless obstacles in your life and would like to share the lessons you’ve learned with others. Or maybe you have a brilliant idea for a contemporary romance novel, a paranormal thriller, or a compelling mystery.

Well, what’s stopping you?

Could it be that although you’ve got the content or the concept, you have no idea where to begin? That in spite of your rich life experience and boundless creativity, you’re stuck….and stumped. For a variety of reasons.

Maybe writing’s just not your thing. Or, maybe you haven’t a clue as to how to find a good editor, navigate through the independent publishing process and/or use social media to connect with your audience. The consequences?

You — and most importantly — your readers are missing out. Because even though technology has leveled the playing field for new and unknown authors, your fabulous idea remains locked inside your head or hidden away in private journals because publishing and marketing in the age of the internet is just too overwhelming.

That’s where I can help.

As a seasoned ghostwriter and editor, I know how to bring a client’s concept to life. Whether it’s a slightly fictionalized or straightforward memoir, or a creative work of fiction, I consult with each client to make their dream of writing and publishing a book a reality. All while remaining true to their vision and voice.

Speaking of technology, are you intimidated by the prospect of setting up a blog, Twitter account, Facebook Page and other necessary online marketing tools? I can do that, too.

Whether it’s simply set-up and training or ongoing social media management, I can help you create your brand, establish, and maintain important relationships with your readers, and ultimately attain your desired level of success.

Here a just a few of the services I offer. For a free, 30-minute consultation to discuss your unique project, contact me here.

  • Ghostwriting
  • Editing
  • Document Formatting
  • Management of Independent Publishing Process
  • Word Press blog set-up
  • Blog Content Creation
  • Social Media Sites Set-Up
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Training

Please note: In the slider above, I’ve included ghostwriting, editing, web content, and social media clients. While some of these services overlap depending on the client and book, all work together to help them reach their audience.


Water Signs on Kindle for $2.99

WaterSigns2.jpgBetter late than never, my 2008 novel Water Signs is now available on Kindle for $2.99. It’s been an interesting journey, navigating through this brave new media marketing world over the past six years. Although I haven’t actively promoted the book in a very long time, I recently realized that 1.) My network of contacts, friends and clients has dramatically increased thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, providing a large new base of potential readers, and 2.) Now that I’ve completed two ghostwritten books and have a handle on social media projects for clients, I can make the time to (finally) finish Sea To Shining Sea.

One of the many benefits of being an independently published author is that you can never really penetrate your market; therefore, there are endless opportunities to reach new readers. And what better way to pave the way to sequel success than to have my audience fall in love with (or in many cases, all over again) Water Signs just before the sequel’s release?

If you would like to download Water Signs to your Kindle for $2.99, click here. For insights into the book’s various themes, literary techniques and characters, click here.

Thank you to everyone who supports my writing — I appreciate you! :)


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 27


Every morning when I wake up, I am amazed to look in the mirror and notice the changes in my body. Even with my scale-a-phobia, I can tell that significant poundage has come off, along with a multitude of inches. Although I didn’t officially weigh myself before getting started, I still have a pretty good idea of the number.

It’s strange how various people lose weight differently — for some, it first becomes evident in their face, for others their middle, still others their arm and legs, and on and on. I’ve always found that for some reason, the greatest amount of weight usually comes off first in the areas that aren’t the biggest problem (although still a problem, for sure).

At 5′ 2″, I do not have any extra space for unnecessary poundage; a taller person can get away with so much more,  not that I’m suggesting anyone should remain overweight. I simply mean that even a fairly small weight gain — say five pounds — is much more obvious on a smaller person. And depending on how they’re built, it can be even more glaring.

For me, the worst weight gain occurs in the lower body (abdomen, hips, backside). Due to excellent family genes, I have always had nice legs, small ankles and wrists, and tiny hands. Even at my heaviest, my face never seems to change very much. However, those problem areas I mentioned? They become quite the challenge, and one of the reasons I despise skirts and pants. Not anymore.

Yes, my most noticeable weight loss appears to be in the upper-half of my body but I am starting to witness overall changes for the better everywhere. And this is only Day 27. Let me remind you, I have been on the straight-and-narrow for years when it comes to dieting (or more accurately, a healthy lifestyle): daily exercise, drinking half my body weight in pure water (since I was a kid), no soda, no junk food, a daily exercise regimen, etc., etc. with absolutely nothing to show for it.

Somewhere along the way, all of these great habits stopped working. The weight simply would not budge and instead, stuck to me like glue. It was incredibly frustrating. There were times when I wanted to throw my hands up in the air and say, “What the hell? If it’s not going to matter what I eat anyway, I’m going to start eating bread, cake, ice-cream, and every other thing that packs on pounds.”

Then there were the hand-wringing naysayers advising, “Oh well, you know when you get to a certain age it’s impossible to lose weight. Better get used to it.”

To which I say, “Speak for yourself!” Seek and you shall find.

Have you been there?

Yes, I kept searching but it wasn’t until discovering Britt’s program that I figured out what was really going on:

When I speak to some friends about it, they doubt their ability to substitute two shakes for meals (even though you also eat snacks in between) and just eat one regular meal a day. I was a skeptic too at first, but at a point where I was willing to give it my all anyway. Once on the program, I discovered how amazingly well the body functions when it receives the proper nutrients, and how truly satisfying the shakes and snacks are.

Like anything else, it has to be experienced to be believed, but let me ask this: If you knew that in just 30 days you could either reach your weight loss goal or be well on your way to achieving it (depending on how much you need to lose), would you be willing to dive in? Could you commit to just 30 days and watch what happens?

That’s where I was at the end of January when I attended a gathering at Britt’s invitation. I met several women (all over 40) who shared incredible testimonials (and showed before and after photos) of 60-pound, 70-pound, 80-pound, and yes, even up to 100-pound weight loss. Over 40. Regardless of menopause. In defiance of their age.

That’s when I decided I was willing to commit to 30 days. Now I’m so thankful to have made that decision, along with my good friend Damalis (who is also looking fabulous). I’m beyond thrilled that the friends with whom I shared the program have each lost seven pounds in 11 days, along with several inches. Not only that, but they are experiencing significantly improved sleep and an overall feeling of peace and calmness.

As for the cost, there are ways to get the products for free by simply sharing them (a process that becomes easier as others notice the changes). Even so, the cost is about the same as many of the diet programs out there — the one endorsed by Marie Osmond, for example — and to the best of my knowledge, no matter how many friends you recruit into the same program, you’re not getting your products for free (although I do wonder how much money the company spends on celebrity endorsements). What I’m doing of course is not a diet but a nutritional lifestyle change; however this is still a good comparison.

Furthermore, when you divide it all out, you’re getting 60 meals (two shakes per day), plus snacks, the Cleanse for Life, Ionix Supreme, Accelerator capsules and a few other items to facilitate weight loss and good nutrition. I’m not going to break out the numbers in a blog post, although I’d be happy to have a conversation about it.

Contact me here, if interested.

And on Day 30, I’ll be posting hard numbers so check back on Sunday!


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 26


Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month?

In that spirit, the video below featuring a registered dietician, shares great recipe tips for the program, in addition to advice on how to manage eating out.

As for me, the countdown to Sunday is on — that’s when Damalis and I will officially reach 30 days on this fabulous fat burning and weight loss program! We are eagerly awaiting our next order, which should arrive any day. This time around, I added some meal replacement bars and different snacks to my routine, along with the shakes, Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, and Accelerator capsules. On Sunday, we’ll take our next set of measurements and report on our results.

I’m still sleeping even more soundly than before, feeling energetic, and incredibly motivated. Britt will be broadcasting her show from my Florida studio this Saturday at 10:00 a.m. so I hope you’ll tune in to Get Fit Feel Fabulous with Britt. She has a wonderful guest lined up in the first segment, Brian Low of Then in the second segment, she and I will talk Isagenix and the IsaU she attended last weekend in Miami. We hope you will call in with your comments and questions at (347) 945-7246.

To your health! ;)

Ready to join our team on our health and wellness journey? Contact me here.


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 25


Good Tuesday morning!

Today I woke up early and took a shot of Ionix Supreme with plenty of lemon-water (Damalis shared some beautiful Florida lemons from a neighbor’s tree — so good!). Then, after about an hour, I mixed up two scoops of the chocolate shake — yum!

Our next order should be arriving in a few days and this time around, I decided to add some variety in the form of protein bar meal replacements, and lemon-flavored bar snacks. Of course, I still ordered some shakes along with more Ionix Supreme, Cleanse for Life, and Accelerator capsules. Aside from real results, I’m also loving the ease and simplicity of this program.

Check out the videos below, especially the second one, which is important in terms of having the confidence to share these fabulous products with family and friends.

Ready to join our team of amazing, beautiful people? Contact me here.


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 24


Good Monday morning!

I am thrilled by the progress everyone on my team is making, in addition to my own, after just a short time on the program. A few more people I care about will be starting their 30-Day Fat Burning and Weight Loss program very soon.

photo 1 (6)

To be very clear, there are many benefits you can experience by getting involved with this company and their high quality products. For me, based on my own results so far my biggest motivator in sharing them is to help others get healthy and lose weight (if that’s needed). If some of these folks are also looking to create a residual income, there is a tremendous opportunity available to them as well. I also believe those who may not express an interest in the business side of things might change their minds as they witness their bodies shrinking and their energy levels soaring, which is why my most basic goal is to get them on the products.

Think about it: when people notice we’re losing weight, isn’t it a logical progression for them to ask something like, “What are you doing?” What a perfect entree into a conversation about the products.

For Associates and Preferred Customers whose only goal is free products, all they have to do is answer the question, “So what are you doing?”  As I said, this process is aided by real, quick  results. And since this is a lifetime plan, not a quick fix, why not share, help other people, and get your products for free?

An all-around win.

I have referred friends to many restaurants, books, films, and other things over the years, without anything in return (not that I had any other expectation other than wanting to share something good with people I care about). In this case, you’re not only sharing something good and improving your own health, you’re also being rewarded with free products.

Again, that’s what I call #winning!

Ready to get started? Contact me here.

And check out this cool video below:


Get Fit, Feel Fabulous with Britt: Day 23 – UPDATED


In just one week I’ll have completed the 30-Day Cleansing and Fat-Burning Program!

Unlike previous diets and nutritional programs, this has been a pleasure to adapt into my lifestyle. Actually, it has been seamless because there’s so much flexibility — the busiest people can incorporate the program into their hectic schedules. And the fact that the products taste delicious makes it easy to commit: if the stuff didn’t taste good, there’s no way I’d be able to stick with it, regardless of my frustration level with the status quo or desire to lose weight.

Yesterday, I spoke to several interested friends and contacts who had a multitude of great questions, including if the products would help with migraines,  and if they contained anything artificial. In my research to answer these questions, I came across the following videos, which I highly recommend viewing:

As for the migraine issues, I discovered Sobber Julie’s blog, where she states:

Well my final day of the Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing & Fat Burning System has come to an end and I must say I’m feeling amazing! The biggest change I’ve seen (aside from the size of my body) is that I haven’t had a migraine in 30 days! Previously I had a migraine every 3-5 days which interrupted my life so this is amazing.

Read the rest of Julie’s post here. Want more information? Click on this link to Top 25 Questions About Isagenix and Nutritional Cleansing.

Ready to get started? Contact me at the link and start taking control of your health now. :)


UPDATE: Please note, the company does NOT claim to cure anything. The blog I linked to above is based on one woman’s experience and is only anecdotal. It was never my intention to imply that these products cure anything, either. Thanks!

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