Tune in with Bestselling Author, Cover Designer and Formatter Matt Margolis

Tune in with bestselling author, cover designer, and formatter Matt Margolis on Your Book Your Brand Your Business on Monday, January 21 at 5 PM Eastern. If you’re thinking about writing and publishing a book, Matt will explain why you cannot skimp on important factors like interior formatting and customized cover design, if you want your book to stand out among millions of online offerings.

A compelling cover and professional interior formatting help attract more readers, sell more books, and pave the way for your greater success. I’ve worked with Matt on multiple projects over the years, with excellent results. But don’t take my word for it, read what others have to say:

“When I needed a cover designer to match the existing style of my first book, Matt accepted the challenge and exceeded my expectations. Not only was he able to match For Steam And Country, but he did a better job than the original designer. The new book is my best book cover I’ve ever had!”

— Jon Del Arroz, author at Superversive Press

“Matt has designed covers and logos for three of my novels and updated the logos for two more novels. I’ve always found him prompt, easy to work with, creative, and dedicated to creating covers and logos appropriate for my books. He also responded promptly when I needed help completing the cover for the print version of a sixth book. I’ve been extremely satisfied with Matt’s work and can honestly recommend him without reservation.”

— Henry Vogel, novelist at Rampant Loon Press

“After all the time spent writing, editing, and rewriting we often just want to see our book in print — but people judge books by their covers and it’s at this stage where we destroy our chances of success. Thanks to Matt, my book now has a fighting chance to compete!”

— Adam Thursday, novelist


Visit www.logotecture.com to view some of Matt’s work. During the interview, we will answer your questions from the chat room. To listen live, visit www.w4cy.com at 5 PM Eastern on Monday, January 21. The episode will be archived on iHeart Radio within a few days, and I’ll post that link when it’s available.


W.O.R.K. S.M.A.R.T. with Marisa Murray

Are you ready to discover your formula for unprecedented success? W.O.R.K. S.M.A.R.T. with Certified Business Coach, Bestselling Author, and Speaker Marisa Murray on Monday, January 14 at 5 PM Eastern.

Marisa Murray is a Certified Executive Coach, Author and Speaker. She is the founding president of Leaderley International, an organization focused on unlocking executives’ leadership potential to yield superior business results. A former partner with Accenture and Vice-President at Bell, Marisa brings her over 20 years of first-hand business experience to her research and consulting on the best practices that support her clients in achieving the outcomes to which they aspire.

Marisa’s book:  WORK SMART:  Your formula for unprecedented professional success – reveals 50 techniques to accelerate your success as a leader while creating more ease and enjoyment in your work – rejecting the notion that working harder is the answer.

During the interview, we’ll discuss Marisa’s #1 bestselling book W.O.R.K. S.M.A.R.T. – Your Formula for Unprecedented Professional Success:

Working hard isn’t the solution, it’s the problem.  

Most of us are working too hard.  It is the path most travelled because we live in a society that values “busyness” and “perceived productivity” at the expense of effectiveness and sustainability. This cultural conditioning causes us to forget everyone’s best interests and over the long term leads to career dis-satisfaction and even burn-out.

This book is designed to help you create a culture of sustainable, proactive and durable effectiveness that leads to enduring success instead of a culture of burnout through hard work.

It starts with taking charge of your own success by rejecting anyone else’s definition; instead creating your very own unique version.

Many coaching and mentorship programs use a “more effort/more discipline” approach to pursuing success that often includes more hours, more stress, more responsibility, more fatigue and more overwhelm.

This book will provide you with solutions and approaches that will activate your career and fulfill your desire for meaningful and enjoyable work. I promise that if you apply these principles, you will easily achieve your goals and be flooded with new opportunities beyond your wildest dreams.

Read reviews, preview, and purchase Marisa’s book on Amazon.com. During the live broadcast, we welcome your questions from the chat room and look forward to helping you make 2019 your best year yet!

For more information, visit www.leaderley.com.


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